If shampoo commercials have taught us nothing else, it's that hair is important. The following comedians clearly follow that edict. If only they followed the rest of those ridiculous shampoo ads as closely, perhaps they'd give us something to laugh at.

   More Effort Into Their Hairstyles
Wil Anderson - 56%

Hamish & Andy - 24%
Charlie Pickering - 20%

Last Year's Winner
Wil Anderson

Voter comments

I thought 13 schoolyard's nomination of Paul McDermott was a great left-field choice - an ugly old hack with a haircut twenty years younger than his body, so talentless that he could be replaced by a Stephen Hawking speech emulator. He's nothing but a surface, which is what this award is all about, much more than whether the performer is ACTUALLY pretty or not. So he'd be my write-in, but of the above choices, I'll go with Wil, one of the definitive examples of the type (Rove seems to be turning into some sort of doughy Mike Munro-type creature now, it's mostly his genetics that are keeping him clinging to the pretty-boy category). What kind of fucking chump spells "Wil" with one 'L', anyway? (Hey, apparently Mike Munro retired this year; I'M INCONSOLABLE).
- samadriel

(HOLMES CUTS IN) Bad news, samadriel - supposedly Mike Munro will be hosting Seven's Sunday Night current affairs programme. Like anything less than decapitation could keep him down.

Voter comments continued

Although to the untrained viewer he seems to put more effort into crack addition than his hair now days.
- biscuitsandtea

The award should be named after him, really.
- Moribunderast


So Wil Anderson wins this award yet again. Big shock there - his work defines haircut comedy in this country. The question now is, how much longer can this go on? Under that haircut his face is getting a little more worn and haggard each year - much like his material really. But so long as the haircut is stiff and edgy, the ABC will keep on wheeling him out to front anything they want to pretend has 'edge'.

Hamish & Andy = H.A.W.T. No matter how good a Scrabble player you might be, you can't arrange those letters to spell F.U.N.N.Y.

You have to wonder sometimes if Charlie Pickering feels a flicker of doubt in his heart when he looks in the mirror. As a young, skinny, passably attractive man, surely there are other careers he's better suited for than comedy? Chimney sweep perhaps? And when he's stuck halfway down a brick flue, trying to extract a dead possum wedged in a corner...well, he won't be appearing on television. So we'd all be a winner there.

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