We've all seen the odd incontinent pensioner relieve themselves in public, but their actions were involuntary and they deserved sympathy. The following nominees are more akin to the near-paralytic drunk who was a bit optimistic about how easily they could make it to the toilet. That's what it's like when you're flying high, you think you can get away with anything...

   The 'Pissing On Their Legacy' Award
Working Dog - 40.91%

Ed Kavalee - 31.82%
Mick Molloy - 27.27%

Last Year's Winner
Mick Molloy

Voter comments

Working Dog are about as much piss as they are legacy by now.
- samadriel

The Hollowmen was a step in the right direction; giving Seven the rights to Thank God You're Here was a giant leap in the wrong one.
- Moribunderast

They've been going through a blippy dip for a few years now.
- mixmaster flibble

Working Dog's problem is that, back in the mid-90s, they made the right choice for their careers. Looking back over all the Late Show/D-Gen alumni, they're easily the most successful business-wise, and arguably the most successful creatively. But since Frontline, the creative success they've had has come on the back of that all-important business success.

The Panel, The Dish, Thank God You're Here, they're all shows made by people with at least one eye on the bottom line. It's their success in making money that's enabled them to keep creative control - just look at the ups and downs of Mick Molloy's career to see what happens to creative control when you don't bring in the money - but it's their need to focus on making money that's rendered that creative control increasingly irrelevant.

Who cares if a bad improv-based game show is made for love or money: it's still a bad improv-based game show. Even The Hollowmen could be seen as being just as much about restoring some creative cred to the TGYH-tarnished brand as it was about making a show they really wanted to.

The case of Ed Kavalee is a tragic one. If he'd never worked with Tony Martin on Get This, he'd be just another bland, almost pretty-boy lurking on the edges of the Australian media. Martin's creative generosity gave him - and Richard Marlsand - a chance to do whatever they liked so long as it was funny. At this time, in this country, he'll never get that chance again. All that's left for him now is a no doubt impressive pay cheque as he slowly drains the goodwill Get This earnt him, trying to find another venue for his talents, knowing such a venue simply doesn't exist.

The only reason Mick Molloy didn't win this yet again is because he's hit rock bottom. He talks about making another movie and perhaps he will. But his TV career is basically over, with only third banana roles on panel shows ahead. He showed an increasing disinterest in radio during his last few years on Triple M, so an on-air return seems unlikely. And after that battering Boytown and The Nation took it seems almost as if he's lost both heart and confidence. He still shows traces of the old wit and charm when he gets the chance, but short of a miracle Mick'll never disappoint anyone ever again.

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