Good day cobbers,

For over two years there's been one thread on Cookd and Bombd's Comedy Chat that just won't go away. And it's about Australian comedy. Frankly, none of us over here in the United Kingdom have any idea what the posters to that thread are on about or why they never discuss any Australian comedians we've heard of, like Paul Hogan, but we're happy to let them have their fun as long as they don't bring their endless chatter about Daryl Somers and Ugly Dave Gray (whoever they are) into our nice, proper, British threads about On The Buses and Executive Stress.

Anyway, here's the Australian Tumbleweeds. If, after reading this, you feel inspired to discuss Australian comedy or get to the bottom of the rubbish in-jokes and bizarre cultural references you'll see dotted throughout the ceremony, why not join the corked-hat wearing, down-under fun over at the CNNNN Aussie news satire - and other Oz comedy thread. Or visit The Australian Tumbleweeds on MySpace. You can also e-mail those behind all this and tell them what you think. They promise only to make the most rabid and idiotic of your comments public.

Here's a tube of Fosters in your eye!


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